Gracias, adios – Atlassian Summit 2017

I am unimpressed by big talks and I am unimpressed by a lot of talking either.

I am to implement solutions and I know that while it’s all made to look great on the surface, there are underlying issues with Atlassians’ products. I’ve noticed it during my limited experience of using Jira and I noticed it while some of our partners were showcasing their addons in the Expo Hall.

Still, Atlassian provides the best management software out there. Backend people like me will always have to struggle with implementation, but after all it’s about providing a smooth experience to the end-user. Nothing is perfect and that’s the main focus of Atlassian – raise issues, manage them, sort them out. If anyone asked me whether to become thier customer I’d say ‘yes’ not only because they’re an industry standart but also because they’re simply cool.

I was left with a good overall impression by the event and its participants. I’m not good with names, but there was a guy who talked about working from home. This I can relate to and he was actually speaking out my own thoughts. He had more experience than me and I am definitely going to follow some of his guidelines for keeping my sanity. Bottom-line, I am not alone.

There was also a great presentation about improving the performance of Jira which was the only one about the back-end of it all, or at least the only one I attended. I had a glimpse of the origin of the bugs I’ve mentioned so far and I definitely came back home with an idea about the problems I’ll be dealing with and what tools I could use for troubleshooting them.

There was also that other talk about product management and it made me think about who actually owns the issues. I am always imagining the future and although I have just a couple of responsibilities now I am aware these responsibilities are only going to grow in number. It made me respect my bosses more and not judge them too harshly when they’re in a bad mood – the weight of all the issues can have its toll on anyone.

More importantly, me and my colleague were able to get in touch with our partners who have hands-on experience with all the different flavors of problems there could be. Business requires quick and easy solutions so knowing who to ask for resolution is valuable. Knowing with whom to have joint efforts towards the more complex situations is a must. After all Atlassian have not only created a solid management platform but also a community of problem-solvers. There will be issues. We can always point fingers and blame others, or we can get together and get our hands dirty.

As I already mentioned I am bad with names but this is not necessarily a bad thing. There are a few names floating in my memory and I am pretty sure there is a reason for it. I was left with a good impression by The Adaptivist, Botron, ClearVision, Nemecheck. I am not a businessman but to me they look like reliable companies to do busyness with.

So I’d like to express my thanks to the Atlassian team for organizing the event and making it memorable. And I can’t omit mentioning the friendly welcome by our Spanish hosts. I personally think it was great and they deserved our gratitude. The food was good, the beer was cold and the whole atmosphere was very mañana, mañana.

I have about 2000 issues to resolve, so ..

Gracias, adios ..

Author: Ivo Neykov
In 2013 Ivo has graduated at Aberystwyth University as Master of Physics. Since then he has taken on all kind of software development projects and tasks. He is a true problem solver and can use even a home size TV as a monitor when needed.