ITIL Expert Certification ++

Our colleague Radosveta Delcheva has reached another milestone in her career – ITIL Expert Certification.

Here is what she thinks about the whole journey:

ITIL Expert is one of the highly valued IT certifications and based on my recent experience not easy to gain. There are various reasons to get certified – because of higher salary, better career chances, because it is a must in the organization, business needs, etc. My motivation to choose ITIL was  a little bit different, because I’ve decided for it in a moment I’ve done a significant change in my professional path and it was and continues to be for me the history of my personal growth in the last six years too. The goal was not only to do the trainings, to take the exams, but to see how the theory works translated in every day’s tasks and how that theory could be implemented the best way possible in reality and not only related  to my job. That is for me the most important, not only to be aware of the basics and principles, but to try understand them and their interdependencies; and to know how to apply them in different situations and contexts in order to achieve or improve something. I do believe that ITIL is not only best practice for IT companies or to those practicing the service management, it changes you as a professional and a person as well. Therefore my recommendation would be in case there are no strict deadlines, take your time and try to understand and apply ITIL to different areas of your life, especially to those ones you need to improve.

That certification means a lot for me not only because it is a proof of my knowledge, but because it is a proof of the changes I’ve been through and of my professional and personal growth during these years.

I would like as well to express my gratitude to all of my colleagues, who have supported me and believed in me. Thank you for everything!

We are sure that she we achieve a lot more, so ++



Radosveta Delcheva

IT Service Management Consultant

A passionate ITSM consultant with over 9 years of experience and a solid knowledge in industry standards for service and project management. Worked as analyst and project or service manager in international projects of customers of different sizes – enterprises, middle-sized businesses and start-ups in the IT and BPO industry and always with the ambition to achieve service excellence and high customer satisfaction.

Author: Radosveta Delcheva
Radosveta is a Service Management Expert with a great mix of both teoretical and practical knowledge. She can lead projects and implement complex solutions.