Business Simulations

Business Simulations are critical in building capabilities needed for your long-term service management. They help to create awareness in regard of new initiatives or remove resistance for already implemented solutions.

Professionals need to understand complex problems, experience working in diverse teams, and ultimately make decisions in the face of many competing options. Business simulations provide valuable practice in a highly engaging environment.

Business Simulation Definition

A simulation— of your enterprise, business unit or process—uses real-world competitive dynamics and places leaders in a context where they step out of their normal day-to-day roles and gain exposure to the big picture. Participants make decisions in a risk-free environment, allowing them to experience critical interdependencies, execute best practices, and test the levers they can use to optimize their company’s key performance indicators.

Companies are increasingly turning to business simulations when faced with one or more of the following business challenges:

  • Implementing a new or major change in a current service
  • Build innovation culture
  • Improving business decision-making skills
  • Transforming the IT organization into a business-results accelerator
  • Leadership development
  • Implementing culture change aligned to strategy
  • Integrating newly merged teams or departments

Within minutes of being placed in a simulation, users are grappling with issues and decisions that they must make—now. A year can be compressed into a day. And competition among team’s spurs engagement, invention and discovery

Our Proposition


  • Learning by doing (procedures, processes and services)
  • Stimulate creativity in an imaginary environment
  • Ensure that theoretical knowledge is properly understood
  • Have fun 🙂

Delivery Options

  • Teambuilding event
  • Process/Service Knowledge Building and Improvement
  • Provide Management Feedback (Assessment)

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