SLA vs. The New Technology And Regulatory Challenges (webinar 9.11.2017)

When: 9.11.2017

Start: 17:00 EET (Sofia, Bulgaria)

End: 17:30 EET (Sofia, Bulgaria)


The goal of this webinar is to focus on one of the most important artifacts in IT Service Management – the SLA. Often this document is surrounded by misconceptions. It is either neglected or so bureaucratic that its existence is an obstacle for the service delivery itself. We will present possible solutions on how to avoid this issue and how an SLA can answer the challenges of the new IT technology architectures (for example Cloud based solutions). We will also show you how you can secure compliance to existing and new regulations like GDPR, which deadline is 25 may 2018.

The webinar is intended for IT Specialists, Project Managers, BPO and Customer Service Professionals, and for all participants who are generally interested in the topic.

The facilitator: Radosveta Delcheva has vast practical experience in the BPO and IT industry. She is a certified ITIL Expert and has worked as a Process and Project Manager.

Conditions of participation: The webinar is free, please register below to save your seat.

Author: Nikola Gaydarov
Nikola has been in the IT sector for almost 10 years. He started his career in HP Global Delivery Center back in 2007 and since then has been involved in many different roles: technical consultant, operational manager, transition manager and ITSM implementation consultant. During these years he has worked both domestically and in Western Europe.