Balance writing code
that does stuff,
and code that
tests stuff

Find risky code changes before you commit them to your SCM system. Use Clover in your IDE or continuous integration system.

ANALYZEIdentify where new tests will have the most impact using coverage clouds and tree maps.

OPTIMIZESpeed your builds and test execution. Clover can selectively run tests only on code changes or when a previous build has failed

BUILDIntegrate with Bamboo, Hudson, Jenkins, Ant, Maven and more, to provide code coverage reports in your build results.
RESULTSDrill down into the full details of test results and track code coverage over time with historical data.

Use in your IDE
your continuous

Integrate with almost any build system or run Clover in any Eclipse-based IDE or IntelliJ IDEA to check coverage of code changes before you commit them to your SCM system

The Atlassian ecosystem is a big benefit for a team like ours that’s collaborating across geographical locations.

Dave Mittman,
Lead Software Developer at NASA