Vagabond Cover Page Story

We are happy to have a cover story for Vagabond – a great high-end English monthly magazine.

Here are some highlights …


Why did you broaden the company’s portfolio with service and project management?

Timm Rüger: I wanted to scale up to new practice areas, and Nikola has a rich practical and theoretical experience. We mainly work in large-scale programmes, like data warehouse or big data initiatives, and thus we needed a better grasp at project and service management. Additionally, we only worked with Western European clients, but now we also want to win Bulgarian customers, i.e. local branches or corporates. For this you need someone like Nikola who knows the local market by heart.


Why did you stick to consulting and not go mainstream into outsourcing?

Nikola Gaydarov: The market in Bulgaria is very much focused on outsourcing, on operational activities. Consulting comes before operations. It is when an idea is born and implemented – which is a lot more interesting work than operations and outsourcing. Also, you can see the results from our work directly and in a short short-time frame.

TR: Outsourcing and offshoring in particular is all about standardisation and cost reduction, whereas consulting is all about creativity, improvement and value creation. The business case for offshoring is rather weak: if labour costs increase and the standard of living in Bulgaria approaches western standards, offshoring to Bulgaria will no longer be attractive. Bulgaria should focus more on consulting, on having top experts in a certain field whose expertise would be valued globally. This would create true competitiveness rather than only cost competitiveness.

You can read the whole story online here .

Author: Nikola Gaydarov
Nikola has been in the IT sector for almost 10 years. He started his career in HP Global Delivery Center back in 2007 and since then has been involved in many different roles: technical consultant, operational manager, transition manager and ITSM implementation consultant. During these years he has worked both domestically and in Western Europe.